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social media for social change - boston based fund raiser event

I work with goodguygrady of and Gradon, who is very entrenched in the social media scene, is a veteran of many tweet-ups(twitter meetups for the uninformed) and other social media events. He had an idea awhile back that instead of just meeting up for the sake of meeting and having drinks, food, etc. that there should be a meetup that's purpose was something greater than that. He decided to host a small event for charity whose only advertisement was through social media (twitter, blogs, lj, digg, email, forums etc. anything non-traditional media).

Since then his endeavor has grown considerably. Through social media, his charity event which he calls the Social Media for Social Change fund raiser, is really taking off. It's bigger than he first imagined it, and now is looking like it might not be the end of the project, but just the beginning.

The fund raiser itself will be hosted at The Harvard Club on October 10th and will benefit Jane Doe, Inc.

Please spread the word, and if you are interested in helping, Gradon is looking for assistance, donations, and sponsors.

For more information: Social Media for Social Change

You can also subscribe to the RSS feed of the blog on lj: sm4sc

And you can join the livejournal community: sm4sclj

Please check it out, and if you know anyone who would be interested in knowing more about the event, or even better, helping to sponsor it, then please direct them to the website.

Thanks all!

Summer's End 2007!!!

Summer’s End Is an Autonomous youth empowerment conference held annually for a week in late August. The goal of the conference is to create and provide a community of trust and acceptance, where every person can feel inspired by and connected to the group as a whole. We are youth between the ages of 14 and 22 from around the country (and around the globe!) who wish to improve not only our sense of self, but also our ability to communicate within the conference and with the world at large. Summer’s End provides us with the invaluable opportunity to explore our feelings and relationships, expand our perceptions, and to create, learn and grow within a safe environment of our peers. What we learn at Summer’s End is taken with us and applied to the rest of our lives, making us stronger and confident in all of our endeavors.

Summer's End is for liberated youth.. non-liberated youth that NEEDS liberation. People 14-22 years of age in need of a week of their summer safe from the world. Summer's End is for YOU!

This year Summer's End will be held at Camp Glenbrook in Marlborough, NH. Summer's End will be from August 9-16th!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, concerns, and love you may have!

Check out our page for more information or contact Julia (Summer's End 2007 co-chair!) at (646) 220-4507!

Summer's End Staff!!!

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CLPP annual reproductive justice conference

The Civil Liberties & Public Policy Program at Hampshire College invites you to our free annual reproductive justice conference at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts from Friday, March 30-Sunday, April 1, 2007.  More information can be found on our website:

Do you want to learn more about reproductive freedom and social justice? Or are you a longtime activist looking for inspiration and rejuvenation? Whether you are new to the movement or a veteran organizer, join us at the 21st annual national conference “From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom.�?

On March 30-April 1, 2007, campus and community activists will be gathering at Hampshire College to unite for reproductive justice. We are expecting a large turnout—last year there were over 1000 participants from the US and abroad. We offer more than 30 workshops and trainings. Conference speakers address reproductive freedom as it relates to a broad range of social justice initiatives including economic justice, health care reform, racial equality, the war on terrorism, freedom from violence, youth liberation, civil liberties, and LGBTQ rights.

Over the weekend, you will deepen your understanding of issues you already know about, make new connections, and unite with others who are passionate about working for social justice.

Free housing (in Hampshire dorms) and food are provided for the conference weekend. Free childcare and sign language interpretation is also available.

For more information, check out our website at or contact us at (413) 559-6976 or

local politics debate

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If you like to debate local politics please join b0st0n_debate. This is a new community formed out of a discussion in the b0st0n community that many of you are familiar with.

We have a base group of about 30 people there but are looking for those with more of a liberal perspective. If you like to respectfully argue local politics, please consider joining.
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The Boston Women’s Rainbow Chorus Announces 2006

Love to sing? The Boston Women’s Rainbow Chorus, Boston’s premiere chorus for lesbians, bisexual women, and allies, will hold auditions for singers on and September 5, 12 and 17.
Email or call 617-522-7270 for more information or to schedule an audition!

The Boston Women’s Rainbow Chorus seeks to give voice to the diverse experience of women throughout history and across cultures worldwide. As lesbians and bisexual women, together with our female allies, we seek to represent the unrecorded legacy of today’s women for the women of tomorrow. We sing a broad spectrum of repertoire (world, classical, folk and more), particularly music by women, non-western European, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender composers.

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Mary Daly's New Website

Mary Daly's new website is here now!

Radical Elemental Feminist Mary Daly is available
for speaking engagements on your campus from Fall 2006-2008.

She is currently speaking on her new book, Amazon Grace,
which counters the necrophilic death-worship of the current U.S.
administration, their mishandling of the Katrina incident
and their racism and woman-hating worldwide.

Join Mary Daly in the fight for life on earth.
Visit her new website and tell your friends that she is here,
continuing the fight and providing biophilic encouragement
for humankind!


Artists Unite with the community

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Hello we are wondering if there are any artists in the area that will be participating at Artbeat in Somerville this year? We are wondering what experience any of you or your friends may have had with this sort of thing, check it out: Seems like there are one of those shops in Somerville.

"Handmade goods are such a competitive industry, she said, that new and small businesses will be unable to survive against people and businesses with more power." "The minute something becomes popular in Maine you suddenly see the exact same item made in China. In the Christmas Tree Shop in Portland, there are 35 pieces of stained-glass items all under $15. I can't compete with that." read more of this here:

Its funny because they are putting in all that big box retail in assembly square yet they want a Green line T extension. One of their biggest arguments for mass transit is that it "decreases traffic and pollution". I guess the State must think they are crazy, look at this: and then this

Anyway, we are looking for any feedback especially from local artists or mom and pop businesses that are interested in supporting the community. Post your stories here and\or the contact information if you like. We would like to see businesses like Ricky's in Union Square Somerville survive the the Big Box invasion!

Thanks so much for your support!

Here is a link to Somerville's Artbeat:

Freedom Winter

CALLING ALL ACTIVISTS to help stop the confirmation of Samuel Alito. Join the Feminist Majority Foundation and the National Organization of Women in the Freedom Winter of 2006.

In 1964, thousands of students from across the country traveled to Mississippi and other Southern states to register and mobilize African American voters in unprecedented numbers. It was the famous 1964 Freedom Summer of the Civil Rights Movement that focused the nation's attention on the injustices of racial bigotry and hatred.

Now with the threat to turn back the clock on Title IX, Access to Abortion, Birth Control, Affirmative Action, the Civil Rights Acts, Voting Rights, and other gains for women and people of color, it is time to once again mobilize a massive student campaign--this time to save women's rights and civil rights.

On January 9, 2006, Judge Samuel Alito's Supreme Court confirmation hearings begin to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Alito's Nomination Can AND Must Be Stopped! Judge Alito has been very clear in his writings that he does not support “racial and ethnic quotas,” which is code language for being against affirmative action. His disdain for Americans' constitutional right to privacy extends even to allowing the strip search of a 10-year-old girl. Not only could he very well be the decisive vote to reverse Roe v. Wade, his vote could roll back sex and race discrimination law and undermine important legislation such as the Family and Medical Leave Act.

What are we doing?
- Calling our senators to let them know we do NOT support Alito and we want them to vote against his nomination.
- Asking everyone we know to call their senators to vote against Alito.
- Visiting our senators on Capital Hill to ask them to vote against Alito.
- Holding press conferences about our opposition to Alito.
- Activating every community we can find to spread the word about the Freedom Winter and to STOP ALITO.

Why are we doing it?
- A woman's fundamental right to determine when and whether to bear children will be in real trouble if we replace Sandra Day O'Connor with a Supremee Court justice who demonstrates such obvious hostility to our rights. Judge Alito would likely be the 5th vote to reverse Roe v. Wade, because his dissent in Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey shows that he is willing to stand alone in attacking a woman's right to reproductive choice.

- Even with the protections of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, it is expensive and difficult for a waomn or person of color to bring a successful action alleging employment discrimation to court. In several strong dissents, Alito advocated making it easier for judges to dismiss these cases before they ever get to a jury, by setting up higher and higher hurdles for victims to meet before they even get a chance to prove their case to a jury of their peers.

- If Judge Alito's positin had won the day in Doe v. Groody, police would have unfettered freedom to reinterpret the terms of search warrants. The fourth amendment guarantees the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures and it should not be up to the discretion of a polcie officer how far to extend the terms of a search warrant. Furthermore, allowing a strip search of a woamn and 10-year-old girl who weren't even named in the warrant demonstrates a deep disregard for their privacy rights and bodily integrity.

- In D.R. v. Middle Bucks Area Vocational Technical School, Judge Alito demonstrated a complete misunderstanding of the devastating experience of sexual abuse on a young girl, in this case, a hearing-impaired girl, in a school estting where she should have been able to expect safety and security. This is another example of Alito's inclination to interpret civil rights statutes narrowly, depriving individuals of legal protections and of their day in court.

To get involved with this effort, click here: