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the world through a lense

sekala in b0st0n_liberals

social media for social change - boston based fund raiser event

I work with goodguygrady of GradonTripp.com and DesignBoston.org. Gradon, who is very entrenched in the social media scene, is a veteran of many tweet-ups(twitter meetups for the uninformed) and other social media events. He had an idea awhile back that instead of just meeting up for the sake of meeting and having drinks, food, etc. that there should be a meetup that's purpose was something greater than that. He decided to host a small event for charity whose only advertisement was through social media (twitter, blogs, lj, digg, email, forums etc. anything non-traditional media).

Since then his endeavor has grown considerably. Through social media, his charity event which he calls the Social Media for Social Change fund raiser, is really taking off. It's bigger than he first imagined it, and now is looking like it might not be the end of the project, but just the beginning.

The fund raiser itself will be hosted at The Harvard Club on October 10th and will benefit Jane Doe, Inc.

Please spread the word, and if you are interested in helping, Gradon is looking for assistance, donations, and sponsors.

For more information: Social Media for Social Change

You can also subscribe to the RSS feed of the blog on lj: sm4sc

And you can join the livejournal community: sm4sclj

Please check it out, and if you know anyone who would be interested in knowing more about the event, or even better, helping to sponsor it, then please direct them to the website.

Thanks all!



August 2008

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